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What to expect at Virginia Cookery classes 


  • We cater for groups up to twelve people, open to all ages and skill levels.

  • Most classes can be arranged for morning or evening.

  • The duration (length) of our classes given on the website are approximate as food may take a little shorter or longer to prepare and cook.

  • Guests usually work in pairs. If you come on your own to class that’s not a problem, we will sort you out with a cooking pal.

  • Guests arrive ten to fifteen minutes before start time and enjoy a welcome tea or coffee and a homemade snack or local cheese and crackers.

  • There is ample free parking on site. There is plenty of space to store your coat and bag.

  • Some preparation will be carried out by us before you arrive; usually the messy stuff, for example washing potatoes and peeling vegetables. Our classes are intended to give you hands-on practice, so you cook and we wash up.

  • During class we work alongside you, sharing cookery hints and tips.

  • We encourage guests to move about, see what their classmates are cooking and get most value from the class.

  • We usually cook a selection of starters or snacks; a main course or two; and dessert or cake. We are not too strict on healthy eating, we love desserts! 


We provide ingredients and aprons – cooking can be messy! 

What to bring

Wear comfortable shoes with toes and heels enclosed. Bring a lunchbox for any leftovers.

Now the serious stuff!

We will give you a safety briefing including a safety information leaflet on the day. 

Booking and Cancellation

Places are not conformed until payment is made. There are penalties if you cancel two weeks or less before class. Please follow the link to read our cancellation policy in Terms and Conditions.

We look forward to hosting a class for you! Please contact us to find out more. You may leave a message or query and we will get back to you. 

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