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All things Irish

Enjoy a day out with a difference with our All Things Irish half day traditional Irish cookery experience. All things Irish is suitable for tourist groups, friends, or clubs looking for something different to do on a day out. We can adapt the menu and the length of the class to your requirements. 

Here is an example of an All Things Irish menu

  • Green Salad and local cheese with brown scones 

  • Irish stew, made with lamb, or bacon and cabbage 

  • Potato cakes 

  • Potato champ

  • Selection of vegetables in season 

  • Cheese and crackers 

  • Oatmeal cookies local jam and preserves 

  • Traditional apple tart and cream 

  • Tea and coffee


Contact us to arrange a class


4 hours



  • Dishes may vary class to class based on seasonal ingredients and group preferences shared at the time of booking.  

  • We aim to use local and seasonal ingredients.

  • Prices are valid up to date of class and subject to change thereafter. 

  • We are unable to cater for food allergies. 

  • See our terms and conditions for more.

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