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Healthy and Simple

Join our four-week hands-on healthy cooking and healthy eating programme. Practice cooking simple healthy food. This is particularly suitable for groups already in place, like Men's Shed, sports club, bridge club or  book club.  The group enjoys the food cooked at the end of class. Healthy and Simple includes information on the food groups, portion sizes  and  making sense of food labels You get to choose what you want to cook the following week.

Here is an example of a Healthy and Simple menu 

  • Brown bread

  • Vegetable soup

  • Lasagna

  • Fish pie

  • Omelette   

  • Coffee cake

  • Tuna pasta bake

  • Chicken curry

  • Savoury rice  

  • Low fat burgers

  • Wholemeal bread

  • Fruit scones 


Contact us to arrange a class


4 x 3 hour classes (must book all 3)  



  • Dishes may vary class to class based on seasonal ingredients and group preferences shared at the time of booking.  

  • We aim to use local and seasonal ingredients.

  • Prices are valid up to date of class and subject to change thereafter. 

  • We are unable to cater for food allergies. 

  • See our terms and conditions for more.

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