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Get Started

Leaving school and heading to college? Already at college and want to widen your go to recipe list? Discover quick meals on a budget and how easy it is to cook your own food. Avoid takeaways and save money. Ideal for adults, young people, students going to college, or leaving home or anyone who wants to learn how to cook. All hands-on cooking and you share the food at the end of class. We can adapt the menu to your requirements.

Here is an example of what's on our Get Started menu. 

  • Stir fry Chicken, (spicy and plain)

  • Oven chips and dips

  • Burgers

  • Chicken or beef casseroles

  • Fish pie 

  • Salad sides

  • Seasonal vegetables

  • Savoury rice

  • Macaroni Cheese

  • Apple crumble and custard


Contact us to arrange a class


6 hours 



  • Dishes may vary class to class based on seasonal ingredients and group preferences shared at the time of booking.  

  • We aim to use local and seasonal ingredients.

  • Prices are valid up to date of class and subject to change thereafter. 

  • We are unable to cater for food allergies. 

  • See our terms and conditions for more.

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