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Adult and Child

Enjoy some quality fun time together at our Adult and Child class. We do most of the preparation and all of the clean up, no sharp knives. Classes can be arranged for school holidays.A good experience for young schoolchildren to get involved in cooking. The € 60 fee covers  both classes for the adult and the child.  Please follow the link to specific terms and conditions before you book this class. We can adapt the menu to your requirements.

Here is an example of a Healthy and Simple menu 

  • Crunchy fruit and vegetable  tasters

  • Oatmeal biscuits

  • Cinnamon biscuits

  • Cupcakes ,you bake and decorate yourself

  • Pizza

  • Fishcakes 

  • Shepards Pie

  • Homemade scones  


Contact us to arrange a class


2 x 1.5 hour classes (must book both)



  • Dishes may vary class to class based on seasonal ingredients and group preferences shared at the time of booking.  

  • We aim to use local and seasonal ingredients.

  • Prices are valid up to date of class and subject to change thereafter. 

  • We are unable to cater for food allergies. 

  • See our terms and conditions for more.

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