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We offer a series of four classes. Perfect for a get-together with friends, work colleagues or social club.                                    We will make every effort to tailor the menu to your needs, just let us know. 


Our online classes are between 45 minutes and one hour long.     


How to book online classes

Please nominate one person from your group to communicate with us. Your nominated person may contact us at to make a booking, or click here to contactus. 


Choose a combination of four options from our online selection below.Let us know your choice, the number of people in your group and when you would like us to run the classes. We will send recepies to you in advance.

Please read our full terms and conditions before you book.


Our non-refundable fee is €50 for four classes, payable by bank transfer.                                                                                              We like to have a minium of six participants. Less than six may have a higher fee.


Online selection.Choose your dishes. 

Choose the dishes you would like to cook.                                                                                                    Choose a combination of four options from our list below to make up a programme.                                    We are happy to adapt combinations  within reason. 

Here are our combinations for each class.​

  •  Irish stew, made with lamb. Wholemeal scones

  •  Bacon and egg quiche. Oatmeal cookies

  • Chicken casserole.   Cinnamon biscuits

  • Stir fry Chicken. Traditional apple tart  

  • Beef Stroganoff. Oatmeal cookies

  • Chicken Curry. Lemon drizzle cake 

  • Luxury fish pie. Potato cakes 

  • Shepard’s Pie. Irish Brack

  • Chicken and Broccoli Bake. Coffee cake  

  • Brunch ideas; Pancakes with stewed apple. Wholemeal scones. Carrot muffins. 

For younger guests, with a little help from the grown-ups!

  • Potato wedges. Roast vegetable bites.

  • Macaroni Cheese. Apple crumble.

  • Hummus. Chickpea burgers.

  • Dishes may vary class to class based on seasonal ingredients and group preferences shared at the time of booking.  

  • We aim to use local and seasonal ingredients.

  • Prices are valid up to date of class and subject to change thereafter. 

  • See our terms and conditions for more.


Contact us to arrange a class


Each class is approxmately one hour long  


€50 For four classses 

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